Thursday, February 28, 2008

Your Existence Is Ironic

I always feel like my generation is terrified of taking interest in any form of art that takes itself seriously. There are times where I just want to explode, because no one is willing to have a serious conversation with me about art. The films, books, and bands that many people I know are fond of have to be unpolished and self mocking.

It’s as if our generation has grown so afraid of being viewed as either tasteless or pretentious that we only admit to liking art that gives us the image of being “cute” or “quirky”. The other day someone told me that their favorite part of their favorite film was when "cum was sprayed all over the wall, and it looked like glue." They continued to list other memorable moments in the movie that were equally absurd. Obviously they chose this film because it was campy and didn’t take itself too seriously. Most of my peers are scared of being seen as pretentious or tasteless and by far the best way to avoid this altogether is to keep the escape hatch open and only admit to liking things that are “bad.” I mean if you choose to like forms of art that are “ so bad that they are back to good” no one can judge you.

I don’t think my peers are too immature to take art seriously. It’s just that overtime it has become unfashionable to admire anything that takes itself too seriously. We are a media generation where art is available at the click of a button. Courtesy of Steve Jobs and Bill gates, we are constantly being exposed to music and movies and books. It’s become so easy to judge each other on who we've heard and what we like, rather than what we think and what we stand for.

It’s kinda sad. Just be yourself. It’s cheating to profess to only like art forms that don’t take themselves seriously. But then again maybe I’m wrong. Maybe everyone around me just really likes bad cartoons, and badly made films, and bad pop music. Maybe I’m just incapable of seeing how something can be so bad that is back to good. Maybe it’s me being too serious. Maybe, but probably not.